Ambulance crew makes quick work of Lexington fire


Firefighters say the quick work of a Lexington Fire Department ambulance crew kept a fire from spreading at an apartment complex on Village Drive.

That fire damaged one apartment and led to the evacuation of several others.

It started around 9:45a.m. at the upper level of those apartments.

Some paramedics in the area were first on scene and got to the fire before it grew too large.

"They pulled up around back here, noticed smoke coming from the upstairs window on the third floor," said Batt. Chief Mark Harvey. "They were able to make entry pretty quickly. Able to use a water can to knock it down pretty quickly."

A manager had been going door to door telling people to get out.

Firefighters say they believe it started in a bathroom vent of that apartment, but no one was home.

While the fire was out quickly, crews still had to tear into walls and ceilings, to make sure that fire hadn't spread into other apartments.

The fire is still under investigation but firefighters say they don't believe it's criminal.

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