Elected official faces DUI charge


RICHMOND, Ky. - Richmond Police arrested Billy Ackerman on Thursday outside Madison Middle School after officers say they could smell alcohol coming from his car. Ackerman who is the Property Valuation Administrator was picking up his children at the time of his arrest.

According to police documents, Ackerman was outside the Madison Middle School, with his engine running, when an officer smelled alcohol wafting from his vehicle. That officer then conducted multiple sobriety tests to which the officer says Ackerman failed. Police say Ackerman refused a breathalyzer, but officials state that he did admit to drinking three bourbons around 11 a.m.

Officers arrested him. He has since been released.

Ackerman told WDKY he had no comment on the incident. Reporter Emilie Arroyo spoke with several officials in town who did not want to talk on camera about the incident. Many said Ackerman is a good man that made a bad choice.

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