Lexington mayoral candidates still campaigning on eve of primary


LEXINGTON, Ky. - With only one day to go until the primary, the leading candidates for mayor say they plan on working right up until the polls close.

Seven candidates are vying for the spot of mayor, but after tomorrow only two will be left.

Former Vice Mayor, and the city's longest serving councilmember, Linda Gorton was at the Alltech Ideas Conference earlier today. She said surviving the seven candidate primary could be a challenge, but she is ready to put her experience to use.

“The biggest challenge is getting through the primary tomorrow with seven candidates,” Gorton said.

Kevin Stinnet was meeting with supporters earlier today. He believes his 14 years as a councilmember will serve him well if he's elected. He said crime, Lexington’s drug issue and education for kids will be among the issues he'll tackle right away.

Former Lexington police chief Ronnie Bastin was meeting with supporters at 6 a.m. He's never held an elected office, but says he's already got a plan for his first day at the desk.

“Crime issues, opioids, safety,” said Bastin. “Those really play into my bio. As you know I’ve had a career involved with those issues, so I don’t have a learning curve. I can go out on day one and start working on these issues.”

Former Mayor Teresa Isaac was going door to door earlier today. She says she's been close to politics the last few years, but is ready to get back in.

“I think people like to see my track record. They like it that when I was mayor we were picked as the number one safest city in America, and they would like to see that again,” Isaac said.

The three other people running for mayor are William Weyman, Skip Horine and Ike Lawrence. All three are less well known, but will be on the ballot tomorrow.

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