Lexington police talk about effectiveness of new curfew


LEXINGTON, Ky. - This summer, we've seen a violent trend in Lexington.

WDKY has reported three homicides in the last month involving teenagers. During the same time frame, Lexington police officers have been cracking down on the city's curfew in an effort to keep young people safe.

City leaders changed the curfew in April. People under the age of 18 cannot be unsupervised in public between midnight and 5 a.m.

There are some exceptions to the curfew, including when the minor is accompanied by the parent or legal guardian, or an adult whose authorized by the parent. People under 18 who are returning home from a school or religious activity within one hour of the event ending are also exempt. In addition to those working a job that is authorized under Kentucky state law.

Lexington police say the ordinance is not meant to stop teens from committing crimes, but rather to protect them from becoming a victim.

"We take away an easy target for those who would be looking to misuse or abuse victims at night," said Sgt. Jervis Middleton.

According to police, during the past 60 days they had 45 incidents where officers encountered teens out past curfew. In those instances, they contact their parents/guardians and issue a citation.

With teens headed back to school, we wanted to now if police see a drop in crime. We are told the numbers do not reflect that, but they will continue to write citations in an effort to keep teens safe.

To read the full curfew ordinance, click here.

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