Lexington's newest homeless shelter nears completion

LEXINGTON, Ky. - "This is like a miracle," Ginny Ramsey, co-founder of the Catholic Action Center, said. "It's a game-changer."

In just a few short weeks Lexington's homeless will have a new place to call 'home'.

"Oh, things aren't done but they're getting there. They're getting there."

Right now services for the homeless are spread throughout the city. The new Catholic Action Center near Eastland Shopping Center will be a one-stop shop.

"One of our more exciting pieces, we have showers," Ramsey said.

And she's excited about the new gathering space.

"There are counters being put in and folks will be able to connect to the internet. They'll be able to charge their phones. There will also be computers."

If we talk about square footage between The Community Inn, God's Net and the Catholic Action Center, it's almost equivalent to the new place but Ramsey says the big thing here is the functionality.

"You know, for 17 years we have taken the pieces and parts and done our best we can," she said. "We were able to take this and make it what we need to be able to serve our people the best."

The center will offer many services. There will be a clinic, food, laundry, more than 100 beds for a good night's rest and the center doesn't close. That's what Ramsey says is a game changer.

"The dignity comes in many forms, but everyone needs to feel their own importance," she said.

A celebration for the new center is set for April 13.

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