Mom arrested after police find toddler walking to Williamsburg Walmart

Photo: MGN Online

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. - US Highway 25 carries a lot of traffic in Williamsburg. About 6:00 Wednesday evening, drivers spotted a small boy who witnesses say dangerously close to cars.

"There's a little boy on Town Hill in Williamsburg, by that restaurant on Hill Top? By himself and he can't be three year old," said one caller to 911.

A few minutes later another driver saw him and stopped. That woman told the dispatcher the boy was on an excursion.

The dispatcher asked,"Can he talk?" The caller replied, "Yeah. He said his mamaw said he could walk to Walmart. And he's trying to show where he lives."

Police say the child's mother, Barbara Vanderpool, left the child in the care of her elderly mother who wasn't capable of caring for the boy.

"There's nobody in their right mind what would let their 4-year-old child walk to Walmart which is about 3 miles away," said Detective Bobby Freeman with the Williamsburg Police Department.

Police told FOX 56's Phil Pendleton this isn't the first time this has happened. They say they had gotten calls three times over the past several months about this same child wandering away from his home.

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