New overpass will connect two Lexington trails


LEXINGTON, Ky. - Two popular Lexington trails will connect with a new pedestrian overpass above busy Man ‘O War Boulevard.

The $2.1 million dollar project will connect Liberty Trail to Brighton Trail. Walkers of the trail say they have been battling Man ‘O War boulevard traffic to get to the other trail.

"You get one light and you can go, you got cars turning and they really don't stop, they don't even look at pedestrians. I’ve watched them [drivers] slam on their brakes a few times,” says trail walker Brenda Mobley.

Lexington 6th District Council Woman Angela Evans says this will be the last phase of connecting the two trails.

“Runners which I know about from living over here, they will appreciate it."

The trail is also expected to become another reason for people in Lexington to get outside and get active.

The construction of the bridge is expected to take 10 years and officials say the construction will begin sometime in 2018.

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