Pig on the loose in Lexington neighborhood

A pig has started wandering the Benwood Drive and Strader Drive area, off Winchester Road in Lexington.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Some people in Lexington have recently noticed an unusual neighbor.

A pig moved in about a week ago. The pig wanders the Benwood Drive and Strader Drive area, off Winchester Road.

"It's been wandering around our subdivision on Benwood Drive and on Johnsdale Drive, and he's also been in our park, the Johnson Heights Park," noted Richard Owen. "He's pretty small."

Valli Givens runs Meals on Wheels at Trinity Baptist Church. She spotted the pig the same day they were serving pulled pork. "We've never seen a pig in the area before, but we saw it on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Three days in a row," said Givens.

Animal Care and Control says they've been out to the area several times. They are trying to find a spot to set up a trap. If they can catch the pig, they say they'll keep it until they can find a new home for it in an area zoned for agriculture.

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