Police search for man who's been living in unoccupied homes

Charles Ray

MANCHESTER, Ky. - Police in Clay County say a thief is breaking into people's homes, eating their food and sleeping in their beds.

“He’s homeless, he’s using these homes to sleep, prepare meals,” said Sheriff Kevin Johnson.

But police say Charles Ray, 42, of Laurel County, is no innocent "Goldilocks."

Police say Ray is not just unlawfully entering them or eating some “porridge” - he’s taking stuff.

“Such as four wheelers, TV sets, a Jeep Wrangler was taken, we recovered it last night,” said Johnson.

Police say Ray has targeted four homes in the Oneida area, and most have not encountered him, until Thursday morning. Police are concerned Ray could be getting bolder.

“The individual who confronted him yesterday, did fire at Mr. Ray. Because he was coming out of the home. He did say he appeared to have some kind of weapon in his hand,” said Johnson.

Police believe Ray is on foot and if he has a vehicle, likely an ATV he managed to steal. Police say he should not be confronted. They say he may nor may not have a weapon but, given his past, he could be unpredictable.

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