Sen. Paul talks about health care in Lexington


LEXINGTON, Ky. - Senator Rand Paul is back in Kentucky, touring the state and talking health care.

Senator Paul called the individual health care market a "terrible place" to be. He supports group insurance policies, and wants to see the expansion of those programs. The senator spent about an hour answering questions and talking with 14 people in Lexington - many with medical and insurance backgrounds. Senator Paul has held similar meetings this year across the Commonwealth. He discussed with participants his plans for health care reform and his efforts to expand the availability of group insurance.

"If you're a plumber, or a pest control guy, or a carpenter and you have insurance for you and your spouse, that maybe you can join a group so you can get a cheaper price, and you would be then protected if you should get sick," noted Senator Paul. "One of the good things that I'm hoping, and one of the things I talked about here this morning, I think the president, through his authority, can expand these health care associations, these co-ops to buy insurance as a group so individuals can join together with others to get a cheaper price, I think the president's gonna do that coming up. So I think that's a good thing that's coming."

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