Teen admits breaking into Morehead State building

Joseph Stark (L), Joseph Sams (R)

MOREHEAD, Ky. - Police arrested 18-year-old Joseph Stark and 19-year-old Joseph Sams for a burglary at Morehead State University.

Police say the teens broke into the Allie Young Health Building last week, destroyed property inside, and stole electronics on July 2nd. Police say also say the pair stole mail and bicycles to help them get away.

Officers caught the pair. After being handcuffed, police say Stark pushed the officer and then began to run. Police say he led an officer through two streets until he was arrested on Lee Street.

MSU Police Chief Merrell Harrison says they've been installing additional security cameras in recent months, and that increased surveillance really helped them crack this case.

"We want people to know that the cameras are there and if they come here in our campus and try to cause harm to our students and faculty or staff or try to damage our property or area anything then there's a good chance they're gonna be caught on camera," Chief Harrison.

Police charged Joseph Stark with six counts of burglary in the third degree, one count of criminal mischief, 10 counts of theft of mail matter, fleeing police, and escape in the third degree.

Sams faces charges of burglary, criminal mischief, and theft of mail matter.

From the Rowan County Detention Center, Sams didn't deny his role in the burglary.

"I did have a part in it and I will do my time for it," Sams told reporter Tanner Hesterberg.

But Sams will not accept responsibility for the whole crime.

"Because it wasn't just me and myself. It was my partner at the time and he took over 70-percent of the things and I only took 30."

Sams says love was his motive for the crime.

"The motivation behind it is really I want to give my girlfriend everything that she wants."

Sams also said he is sorry for what he did.

"If I can, I really will pay everybody back. I just want to get out and get my life straight."

Police have recovered one of the stolen bicycles and some of the electronics, but they're still looking for other items, including a computer and a cell phone.

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