Tree falls on home, almost hitting people in yard

tree on home.png

Dominique Shelby and Renee Lewis were still trying to process what happened to their Lexington home when we talked to them Sunday afternoon.

"I never in a million years thought it would happen to me," Dominique Shelby said. "It was just like the sun was shining one minute and then you just heard thunder."

They knew storms were in the forecast.

Shelby said, "We were talking, like, maybe we can get the burgers on and off the grill before it actually comes all the way down."

It turned out they didn't have time to do anything more outdoors. Neighbors of the pair say they watched as lightning touched down in their backyard, but Shelby said it all happened too quickly.

"All you just heard was "crash" and when I heard the crash I knew it was the sound of a tree and just kind of grabbed her and we forced our way toward their [the neighbor's] fence line and just covered our heads."

The tree toppled onto the home, narrowly missing Shelby and Lewis. Their back yard is now consumed by the tree and they have damage on the interior of their home.

"My main concern was just my 11-year-old daughter. She was in the house," Shelby said. "I had to kick in the back door to make sure she was okay."

Luckily everyone is alright.

The storm knocked out power in more than 1,500 homes in the Versailles and Lexington areas. According to Kentucky Utilities website, power should be back on by Monday morning.

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