Versailles man says Twitter feud with Blues Traveler frontman went too far

Forrest Rutherford of Versailles said he's been battling the lead singer of the band "Blues Traveler" on Twitter since 2014.

VERSAILLES, Ky. - Forrest Rutherford of Versailles said he's been battling the lead singer of the band "Blues Traveler" on Twitter since 2014.

Rutherford said it started when he saw John Popper interacting with some reporters on Twitter in a way that offended him. He said since then, he tweeted "light-hearted" insults at the singer almost as a game.

However, he said things took a turn recently.

"If you had gone back in 1995 and told the 13-year-old version of me that was listening to Hook, hey the harmonica guy in this song, he is going to hate your guts in about 22 years, I never would have believed it," Rutherford said.

Rutherford said John Popper blocked him on Twitter after years of back and forth banter. Rutherford said that is when he went to Popper's Facebook page and posted a meme saying, "unblock me you coward."

About a week later, Rutherford said Popper tweeted an aerial view of Rutherford's Versailles home to his followers. He said the celebrity went too far.

"It's upsetting in the sense of I don't think John Popper himself is going to do anything. I think he is just trying to rile me up, but you don't know what someone else can do with that information," he said.

Rutherford said some of Popper's fans have tweeted threatening messages at him since then. He said he thinks it is time for the feud to end.

"I would like to get to the point where we both look at it and say, it was dumb. We had a little bit of fun with it. It got a little bit out of control and let's just kind of go our separate ways," Rutherford said.

The Blues Traveler Twitter account retweeted a statement from Popper about the incident which reads:

"This may go down as one of the dumber uses of social media since recent presidential politics and certainly reflects a stupid persistence in both myself and Mr. Rutherford. I will allow that I am not very sophisticated on Twitter, but I will also defend my freedom from harassment when I choose to engage in social activity. I certainly wish the same for Forrest, who had sought and is continuing to seek this infamy, despite claiming to want it all to go away. I have in the past attempted to report Mr. Rutherford and his compatriots when I was myself actually doxed and assailed, as I have been by he and his friends for several years."

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