Winners crowned in Lexington's 'Great American Pie Contest'

On Monday, the Downtown Lexington Corporation sponsored the "Great American Pie Contest," as part of the city's traditional Fourth of July festivities

LEXINGTON, Ky. - On Monday, people in Lexington got to celebrate the July 4th holiday with some annual traditions. The Downtown Lexington Corporation sponsored the "Great American Pie Contest."

The judges handed out awards in two categories - made from scratch and semi-homemade. There was also a special award given for prettiest pie.

The judges had a tough task, sampling nearly 40 pies.

"The crust is so important. You have to make your own crust, and that is a hard thing to get right," Elizabeth Bagby said. Bagby was one of the judges. "And then we're also looking for uniqueness. Some of the pies were so beautiful. Some of them I'd never had before; like the peanut pie, I had today. So that was really fun to try."

"If you want another piece when you're done, that's a good indicator," said Major Rob King, who also served as a judge.

The "Tipsy Caramel Chocolate Pie with Pecans" was awarded the top spot in the semi-homemade and prettiest pie categories. The "Princess Peach Pie" took home the title of best made from scratch pie.

Once the competition wrapped up, the public got to sample all the desserts and enjoy some "Sav's Chill" ice cream for free.

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