Tailgating tips with Woodford Reserve


Grilled Woodford Wings

marinated with, bourbon, ginger, chipotle peppers, roasted garlic,

and sorghum, served with a cilantro bourbon smoked paprika aioli

Bourbon Trail Chili Nachos

Served on tortilla chips, topped with sour cream and green onions

Barrel head Crudite? Platter

bourbon white cheddar cheese dip with toasted pecans

With croustades and crackers

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Banderillas

Skewers of bourbon pickled apricot and sundried tomato, cubes of Kenny’s cheddar and fresh basil


Woodford Hot Cocoa

1.5oz Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select

1 packet of your favorite hot cocoa powder

Make the hot coco according to the directions on the package

In a mug add your hot cocoa and bourbon

Top with whipped cream

Woodford Apple Cider

2oz Apple Cider

1oz Woodford Reserve Rye

2oz Ginger Beer

Garnish: apple slice

Prep: Fill shaker with ice, pour in the apple cider & WRR, shake until chilled, pour over ice in a tall glass and top with ginger beer. Add a sliced apple for garnish.

**both recipes can be scaled up to make for large groups by multiplying the quantities by the number of people.

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