Emergency crews work to save drivers from flood waters in Texas

Emergency crews work to save driver from flood waters in Texas Monday, August 7,2017.(KABB/WOAI)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WOAI/KABB) - Severe weather in Texas made for impossible driving conditions Monday morning near San Antonio, Texas.

Crews arrived to rescue a driver trapped along a highway where raging waters pinned the car against a railing on Highway 151.

According to Battalion Chief Walter Yates, the man stated he thought the water was only a foot deep before traversing the waterway.

He was unable to cross, and was forced to sit on top of his car while crews figured out the safest way to get him on dry land.

Firefighters were able to successfully rescue that driver.

A flash flood warning was issued for the surrounding areas through the afternoon.

Chief Yates stated emergency crews had worked to rescue at least 15 people from various flooded roadways.

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