New technology connects veterans to doctors from the comfort of their own homes

New technology connects veterans to doctors from the comfort of their own homes (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been plagued by scandal for years, with a history of mismanagement, including lost paperwork and long wait times.

With many patients reporting they’ve been left behind. Veterans Affairs Secretary Dr. David Shulkin is working to change that.

Alongside President Trump Thursday, he unveiled new technology Veterans now have access to, including a program called V.A. Video Connect.”

Allowing veterans to get medical help without making a long drive, an issue for about five million veterans living in rural areas.

“They can either go to a local healthcare facility and use a V.A. computer system with a V.A. nurse and technician helping them or as we roll this program out just be able.

To access it right from their home,” Secretary Shulkin said, adding the new technology allows doctors to listen to a patient’s heart, conduct examinations and diagnose issues on everything from dentistry to dermatology.

As far as those long wait times, President Trump said addressing those is a priority.

"We have launched a groundbreaking new website that allows veterans to compare wait times and quality of care at VA facilities,” the President announced at a ceremony on Thursday at the White House.

“We have to make sure… this is a customer service environment so we want to earn back the trust of our veterans,” Shulkin said.

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