Lexington man is a "Walking Dead" ringer for British actor

LEXINGTON, Ky.-- Fred William of Lexington has a split personality.

He's a Lincoln impersonator. But it's not Abraham, Kentucky's favorite son. He bears a striking resemblance to British actor Andrew Lincoln, who's best known for his role zombie hunter RIck Grimes on the hit AMC series "The Walking Dead."

Williams and his wife Tonya are big fans of the show, but he's only been a Rick Grimes CosPlayer since January. The idea came alive when his kids picked up a free magazine at a rest stop in Georgia.

"They saw a picture of Rick Grimes with his beard and thought it was me," Fred said. "That's what triggered this whole thing with the CosPlay, being Rick and Andrew Lincoln."

He got some props and Tonya got some makeup, and that's all it took to turn him into the zombie-splittin' image of their favorite actor.

Tonya said, "I take some coconut oil and eye shadow and mix it up and that makes what they call 'sexy dirt' on the show I grease him up real good and send him off."

To test if other fans see the resemblance, we went to Lexington's Comic and Toy Convention.

As soon as he entered the hall, it seemed everyone knew who Fred was supposed to be. He couldn't take two steps without being stopped for a selfie.

Fred has social media accounts that took off after series creator and Kentucky native Robert Kirkman saw a picture and tweeted "Wow, that's uncanny."

Now he gets requests for pictures from people all over the world and they send him fan art.

"I'd like to travel more and do more of these Comic Cons. They're all over the world," he said.

Tonya said if the character gets killed off on the show, it will be "pretty bad." They're hoping the show and the character are around for a long time.


Fred's social media sites are:

TWITTER: @rickgrimescos

INSTAGRAM: FrederickGrimes1

FACEBOOK: RickGrimesCosplayer

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