Symbol of the Season: Daynabrook Greenhouse

HARRODSBURG-- Step into Daynabrook Greenhouse and you walk into a sea of red and green. It's a pleasant assault on your sight.

Owner John Lyons says "When people come in the front door, you see the colors, and people are awestruck by that a lot of times. It makes you feel good."

It's a family operation, with John's wife and young daughter often helping bag and sort the flowers.

8,000 Poinsettias grow here each year, waiting to be shipped to florists, churches and organization that sell them for fundraisers.

You already know they come in a variety of colors... and you know that some people can't keep them and some people can't seem to kill them.

"Overall, it's probably the most difficult crop compared to spring and fall crops, " Lyons says. Poinsettia's tend to be more touchy, needing just the right amount of water and light."

This is more a story about beauty-- the kind that comes in a pot and lasts for a season.

"The environment is beautiful. It definitely lifts your mood and spirits," Lyons says. "Even on the coldest day in winter, the sun's out in this greenhouse and it feels like springtime."

To enoy life, we're told to stop and smell the roses. In December, it may be more pleasureable to peruse the poinsettias.

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