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Meteorologist Micah Harris joined the Fox 56 Morning Edition in October, 2012 after working for a television station in Montgomery, Alabama. Harris grew up in a small town just outside of Birmingham and says he learned to appreciate how quickly weather can change by experiencing just about every condition in Alabama.

"April 27, 2011 is a day that a lot of us can remember no matter where you live," Harris says about the day a record 62 tornadoes hit the state.

"It was definitely surreal and puts a knot in my stomach every time I think about it," says Harris.

"Now that I am in this beautiful city called Lexington, I can already feel a difference in the air," says Harris. "My wife and I are extremely excited to call Lexington our new home." He says he looks forward to covering big snowfalls, something he didn't see much of while working in the south.

Before working in Montgomery, Harris was a meteorologist at KTEN in Denison, Texas. He studied meteorology at Mississippi State University.

Harris says he is often gets asked what is the best part about his job. "Meeting people is always my answer," he says. "I really enjoy meeting and speaking to people, so if you ever see me around please come up and say hello."

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