5 Things To Know (FOX 56)

5/19/2022: Colonoscopies, loneliness, pugs

May 17: Travel, 2 is enough, and a risky load

May 16: Sandstorm, thrift and nature

May 14: International COVID-19 testing, pillsbury …

May 13: Buying power down, sports, and blueberries

May 12: Cleaner air, luner plants, and railroads

May 11: Pet sales, video games, and Facebook home

May 10: Card costs, used cars, and Ipods

May 9: Coffee, social media, and brides

May 7: Flower shortages, Chicago casino, starbucks …

May 6: Baby formula, debt, and mom

May 5: Meat costs, Wordle, and tallest dog

May 4: Pilots, best sleep, and Mother’s Day

May 3: Beds, cursing, and a pedal pub

May 2: Teens tune out, Amazon COVID pay, and a stolen …

April 29: Twitter, Walmart and Prime Day

April 28: Cell phone, frozen food, and Harry Potter …

April 27: Prices not moving, red wine, and Buckquet

April 26: Chip shortage, electric Corvette, and a …

April 25: Inflation, moms, and lucky ducks

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Planning Forecast

Planning Forecast

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