Dr. Ryan Stanton

Chief Medical Contributor

Dr. Ryan Stanton started in media at age 14 as the radio narrator for a broadcast in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Through college, he worked for WETS-FM NPR as a board operator, host, and producer at East Tennessee State University.

Between college and medical school, he was a production assistant for WJHL-TV in Johnson City.

Through medical school and residency, he continued to produce a film music program and eventually, a medical “What’s Going Around” segment for the NPR station.

As a physician, Dr. Stanton was an intern with the ABC News Medical Unit in Needham, Massachusetts, under Dr. Timothy Johnson.

Since then, he has hosted “What’s Going Around”, “Tools of the Trade”, and most recently, “The Doc Is In”.

He is still a full-time emergency physician in Lexington, on the board of directors of the American College of Emergency Physicians, a national spokesperson, an EMS medical drector in Lexington, and the medical director for GMR Motorsports including NASCAR.