LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Here are five things to know before you go to bed Dec. 7, 2021.

U.S. housing market

The U.S. housing market should continue its rise through next year.

That’s what analysts said as 2021 caps off a successful year for realtors and home sellers.

The housing market has outperformed the economy since the pandemic began.

Analysts believe the rise in housing prices will slow in 2021 but, thanks to inflation, that won’t make homes more affordable for consumers.

Robert E. Lee

The fate of the Robert E. Lee statue at the center of a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia has been decided.

The Charlottesville City Council voted to give the statue to the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.

The school plans to melt the statue and use the bronze to create a new work of art.

West Side Story

West Side Story will NOT get a theatrical release in Saudi Arabia.

The Steven Spielberg, oscar-hopeful is banned in the country while some other gulf regions requested edits be made.

the reasoning is unconfirmed, but sources tell The Hollywood Reporter the ban is due to a character portrayed by nonbinary actor Iris Menas.

The character in the new version of the movie musical is written as transgender.

Ice skating dog

The American Kennel Club has honored a dog who’s good on the ice.

Benny, an ice-skating dog in Las Vegas, spends time with kids who have autism and others who can benefit from his calming presence. benny has also skated with the Golden Knights, a local hockey team.

He received this year’s Kennel Club Humane Fund Award, which goes to dogs that make a difference.


KFC is bringing back its “eleven herb and spices” fire-log.

It will be sold online at Walmart or on the KFC app.  

It’s designed to give your home the aroma of KFC’s chicken.  KFC is also giving away a chance to stay in a luxury cabin in Kentucky.