LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Here are five things to know before you go to bed Jan. 5, 2022.


Americans shelled out for cars last year despite shorter supply.

New vehicle sales rebounded slightly after a record low year for sales in 2020.

Sales hit more than 15 million vehicles last year which is up almost 3.5% from the year before.

A shortage of computer chips sent prices soaring nationwide.

Gas Prices

Rising coronavirus cases could bring relief to drivers across the country.

Prices at the pump could start falling from October and November highs with demand dropping each day after the holidays.

On Monday demand for gas was down more than 6% from last week, which was the weakest demand has been since memorial day 2021.

Predictions say the national average price per gallon will be back up to $4 by the spring.

Oldest vet

The man believed to be the oldest U.S. veteran of world war two has died.

Lawrence brooks was 112-years-old.

Brooks was 31 when he was drafted into the army in 1940.

His daughter said he had recently been back and forth between a VA hospital and his home in New Orleans but was alert and able to enjoy the holidays.


The girl scouts are ready to roll out their newest cookie.

The new salted caramel brownie cookies are called “Adventurefuls.”

They’ll be available starting next Tuesday.

Glass pyramid

A hotel in Dubai starts the year by breaking a Guinness record for the largest champagne glass pyramid in 2022.

The palm hotel made the pyramid with nearly 55 thousand glasses filled with champagne.

That passed the previous record by almost 5,000 glasses.