Are more mandates on the horizon?


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – As the Delta variant of COVID-19 spreads quickly, state and federal officials are working out how to combat it.

Los Angeles County was the first to reimpose masks. Here in Kentucky, Gov. Andy Beshear says more mandates are not out of the question.

As the covid case count ticks higher, health officials warn you to not throw out your masks just yet.

“Prior to the Delta variant you know we probably could have gone completely without masks with the vaccinated because there really was such a low infectivity rate,” says emergency physician Dr. Ryan Stanton.

But now, according to Dr. Stanton, we’re seeing breakthrough cases.  The doctor says most of these cases are the Delta variant with people over 55.

“I worked the last 5 days and there was a ton of cases, a ton of COVID, most of them were unvaccinated,” Dr. Stanton says, “The ones that were vaccinated tended to be not as sick and able to come home.”

Governor Andy Beshear announced he’s not ruling out more mandates. Dr. Steven Stack recommends people in red counties continue to mask up, hold outdoor gatherings, and postpone large events.

Dr. Stanton says it’s about being flexible.

“It’s important everybody does everything they can to decrease these numbers so we can continue as we are not and not see restrictions moving forward,” Dr. Stanton says.

Dr. Stanton says masks decrease the spread and infectivity a little, but he says every bit helps.  The doctor explains masks are also a reminder to social distance and avoid touching your face.

Still, Dr. Stanton says they’re not our most important tool.

“We’ve been in a couple of different places with masks and you know they’re not the absolute solution,” Dr. Stanton says. “The vaccine is actually our best solution for COVID-19.”

With the first day of class under three weeks away in Fayette County, families are still waiting to hear if the district will require masks this school year. The school board will meet Monday, but a spokesperson told our news partners at the herald-leader families won’t get answers on masks or virtual learning.

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