Baptist Health Lexington opens vaccine clinic to speed up distribution


The clinic has 16 stations for vaccinations.

Baptist Health Lexington is preparing to increase vaccine distribution. A clinic at Lexington Green will open Monday, January 18.

“We wanted to take our location from our campus to be more accessible to the community as a whole,” Dee Beckman said.

The clinic will follow Kentucky’s guidance for distribution. Groups 1A and 1B are eligible to sign up. First responders, K- 12 employees, and people 70 or older will be able to schedule appointments.

Beckman said the whole process will take about about 45 minutes for people to be screened, vaccinated, and observed for any adverse reactions.

The clinic is appointment only because of the limited supply of doses and the quick process. “That allows the site to prepare the number of vaccines per day because it is a very time sensitive vaccine and we want to not waste any doses,” she explained. The short supply of doses has slowed down vaccine distribution so far, but Beckman is confident that will change soon. The clinic expects to administer about 400 doses a day at first, and it’s prepared to quickly increase that when more become available.

Beckman said she’s looking forward to when that happens. “We are extremely grateful that we have this opportunity to be able to provide vaccines to not only our boys but to the community as a whole.”

To schedule an appointment, visit

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