Rep. Francis Rooney talks about congressional term limits

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I have been a supporter of Congressional term limits for a long time. I recently spoke with Congressman Francis Rooney of Florida about an interesting proposal that would effectively put those term limits in place. Here’s what he told me:

ROONEY: So I came up with this idea of, introducing a bill that says, after 12 years your salary reverts to a dollar and your pension, stops. Destined to make people capitate their service and move onto some other career as the founders envisioned. Remember, 86 percent of the people want term limits. So being a business guy, I said, if 86 percent of my customers want something, my job's to get it for them.

I think term limits will bring change, new ideas and prevent the entrenched, elected officials who make it about them and not about the people they represent.

There's a lot of people that just look at this job is a pretty good spot to be instead of being a servant of the people.

I stepped down as CEO of my company after about 10 years and I think it's important to keep moving forward in life, and these guys that are there a long time make it about them. And they get too big of entrenched interest too. Too strong of relationships with special interests to the detriment of the people.

BORIS: What do you think about having a bill like that? A term limit bill, but maybe grandfathering in some of the current members are all there.

ROONEY: There's a lot of ways to mutate this idea. If we could just get hearings on the idea and get some different points of view around the idea that we're going to do something that doesn't require a constitutional amendment. That's the grab 'em of the idea.

Here's the Bottom Line: Congressman Rooney is correct. Fully limiting congressional terms would likely take a constitutional amendment. However, using pay and pension to effectively limit those terms is a smart, innovative and long overdue idea.

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