Breathitt residents deal with loss of drinking water on top of flooding


JACKSON, Ky. (WDKY) – A water line that was broken by flood debris has cut off water to hundreds of homes and businesses in Jackson, meaning places that were under water just days ago now don’t have any to help clean up the mess.

“As the waters receded, a large tree with a huge trunk knocked out our main water line bore on the river,” Jackson Mayor Laura Thomas said.

Now the community has little to now water—another hit to a small town that’s already been tested this week. That’s why volunteers and organizations like Breathitt County Hunger Alliance are stepping in to help.

“We saw a need. So we put the word out on Facebook that we were collecting donations,” Patsy Clair said.

Everything from water to cleaning supplies, clothes, and more have been dropped off at Church of God. It’s giving families a place a turn to so they can start picking up the pieces.

“It’s sad. It’s sad and it breaks your heart, and then you just want to help more,” Clair said.

Supplies are going out just as fast as they’re going in while families address one crisis, and water crews in town deal with another.

“Everybody is just like, we’re here. We want to help. So we had a great group of people here working on this problem, and hopefully within a couple days, things will be back to normal,” Mayor Thomas said.

It’s a hopeful quick fix to one issue, while further aftermath will last for weeks if not more.

“People come in the door and they’re often times defeated. If we can help them, and when they leave here and they feel just a little bit better, then we’ve done something right,” Clair said.

The Breathitt County Hunger Alliance will have their donation giveaway site open for as long as it is needed. They are open all day at the Church of God on Highway 30 in Jackson.

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