Catholic Diocese recommends priests consider masks be worn at mass again


LEXINGTON, Ky. (56) – As COVID cases rise, mask mandates may come back into play.

Friday, Bishop John Stowe with the Catholic Diocese released a message to all priests of the diocese. Saying it would be quote very appropriate to consider requiring masks at mass again.

The message states there is a current surge of COVID infections and a low percentage of the vaccinated in many parts of the diocese.

Continuing to say at this time, this is a recommendation for local parishes to implement.

It could develop into a diocesan policy if the need warrants it.

The news comes a day after Governor Andy Beshear announced he isn’t ruling out more COVID mandates.

“If you are not vaccinated, and you have not had COVID, expect to get the Delta variant, and expect it to make you the sickest you will ever be in your lifetime,” said Governor Beshear.

There is no mask mandate right now, but the governor said he expects cases to continue to rise next week. And said he’ll rely on science to determine if another mask mandate will be put in place.

“I have the legal authority to do what’s necessary to combat COVID. That’s because the last Supreme Court decision on point says that I do,” Governor Beshear said.

Bishop Stowe also recommends Priests encourage congregations to get vaccinated. Back on July 8th Woodford County had a COVID outbreak linked to King’s Way Church. 80 percent of those who tested positive were not vaccinated.

Dr. Steven Stack recommended those in red counties continue to mask up, hold outdoor gatherings and postpone large events.

“We have to go on with our lives but we have to remember we’re in the middle of a pandemic and our actions have a major impact,” said Dr. Stack.

He said hat impact could be hospitalizations, intubations and even death for those who are not vaccinated.

“We have gotten through this as well as we have, it is my impression we have done well as a state, because we have a sense of community.”

For now, it is still a recommendation to require masks at mass again.

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