Community members hold a vigil to remember Atlanta shooting victims


Following the Stop Asian Hate rally at the Lexington courthouse plaza on Saturday, community members gathered to remember the lives lost in the Atlanta shootings.

Folks from different backgrounds read eulogies for each of the eight men and women shot and killed at Atlanta-area spas. It’s been one week since the shootings.

Different Asian cultures were represented through song and dance at the vigil.

Speaker Sofia Wu said the organizers and attendees hosted the event to stand up against racism to prevent another tragedy.

“Towns and cities don’t carry racism, people carry racism,” Wu said. “Even if we have a strong community that’s generally supportive of people of color, we still have individuals that carry racism. All it takes is one isolated incident for us to become another headline, so this absolutely can happen here.”

The Atlanta gunman faces murder and aggravated assault charges.

Officials said the investigation into the shootings is ongoing.

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