Aiming for herd immunity, town hall targets convincing the ‘vaccine hesitant’


Health experts say that enough people must get vaccinated to reach herd immunity.

Still, they say we see a lot of vaccine hesitancy, causing the supply of the vaccine to outpace the demand.

On Saturday, UK Healthcare teamed up with community leaders for a virtual town hall meeting to encourage people to get vaccinated.

A panel of health experts answered written in questions, including:

  • “Which vaccine is the best?” Experts say all three are good and effective.
  • “Do the vaccines work against variants?” Experts say of the five or six variants we’re focusing on, the vaccines are effective against all of them.

All panelists had a common goal, according to UK Healthcare chief diversity officer Dr. Tukea Talbert.

“We hope we’ve changed one or two hearts and minds,” Dr. Talbert says.

One mind changed was Linda Norman’s, who had concerns about the vaccine. Norman says she wasn’t sure she wanted to get the shot. She says she knows many people who’ve received one but was still feeling hesitant. Now, Norman says the meeting persuaded her.

“Listening to several people that I know have something to do with it made it, you know, made me understand more,” Norman says.

The panel experts say the vaccines are effective and our way out.

“We have some ways to go, and we can’t stop now. The finish line is within striking distance, but we can’t stumble and fall,” Dr. Talbert says.

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