LEXINGTON, Ky (FOX 56) — As the omicron variant continues to make headlines, Governor Andy Beshear is telling Kentuckians not to forget about the delta variant, which is driving another surge of positive cases. On Dec. 7, the Governor announced 2,736 new cases of coronavirus, and 61 deaths, which includes a 31-year-old Kentuckian.

We are nearly 2 weeks away from Christmas and 3 weeks from New Year. According to Kayak data, the most popular travel day before Christmas will be Wednesday, Dec. 22nd. Ahead of the holidays, Gov. Beshear is sharing tips to prevent a spike in positive cases similar to 2020.

Gov. Beshear is not urging Kentuckians to stay home and be socially distant. Instead, he is stressing everyone to gather safely.

“It’s times like this where we can be the very best, and protect one another. Let’s make sure that everybody at this Christmas, is at next Christmas,” Gov. Beshear said during his weekly news conference on Dec. 6.

Gov. Beshear recommends that this holiday season you get vaccinated or get your booster shot. He and many health officials are stressing vaccination is the best line of defense against the variants. For instance, Dr. Fauci said, “the people who are vaccinated, the people who can get boosted, enjoy your holiday season with your family.”

According to John Hopkin’s University Research Center, 53% of Kentuckians are fully vaccinated, and 14% have gotten their booster shot. The recommendation for a booster shot is 6 months after the second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or 2 months after the Johnson and Johnson jab.

Gov. Beshear is also suggesting keeping holiday gatherings small, avoiding parties if you’re feeling sick, and wearing a mask indoors if you are unvaccinated or have not received your booster yet.