Gov. Beshear pushes for face masks indoors


As cases of the Delta variant rise, our course of action is clear according to Governor Andy Beshear.

“Everybody, everybody, needs to get vaccinated,” the Governor says.

In June, the mask mandate ended in Kentucky.  Now the Governor is asking for masks in public indoor places, even for the fully vaccinated.

“It’s not the advice that’s changing, it’s the virus that’s changing,” Governor Beshear says.

This is as every Kentucky public college and university will require face coverings. So will multiple school districts, including Fayette and Franklin counties.

Not all districts are making this choice, though.

Governor Beshear says he fears the virus spreading to children 11 or younger who are too young to get vaccinated.

“We teach science in our classrooms nut some districts are fully ignoring it,” Beshear says. “You won’t be able to get through the school year so do you truly value the health of the kids and them being in class or are you mainly worried about what some parents will think.”

Looking ahead, the Governor says he’s not afraid to make difficult decisions if case numbers don’t change.

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