LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – The FDA and the CDC have given the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson booster shots the go-ahead.

The FDA and CDC also said people can mix and match doses from any of the three vaccines currently approved in the U.S.

Kentucky pharmacies are preparing for the increased demand.

The Pharmacy Shop in Lexington will soon be ready to give customers their booster shots. They’re awaiting doses, probably arriving in the next week.

“We’re having a lot of demand on the telephone,” said Clarence Sullivan, Pharmacy Shop owner. “People have been calling for several of weeks.”

While Sullivan’s expecting higher demand, he’s not anticipating the same mad rush as earlier in the rollout of the vaccines. However, he is anticipating some confusion.

“I think we’re gonna spend probably more time on explaining the options to people than we did before,” Sullivan said. “Where before people said ‘do you have a such and such vaccine, yes, I’m coming.’”

The Pharmacy Shop will likely provide doses on a walk-in basis, as with the flu shot.

Moderna’s boosters are recommended for the elderly and at-risk adults, six months after their second dose. Johnson & Johnson’s booster is for everyone 18 and older, at least two months after their first shot.

“I speak for a lot of people, ‘I’m just tired of COVID-19, I’m fed up with it, I want it to go away,’ and I think that this is one way that we can get back to normal if we can get enough people to finally shut this down,” Sullivan said.

Children 5 to 11 years old could soon be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. If approved, the rollout could start for them in early November with some children fully vaccinated by Christmas.

Pfizer says its shot is 91 percent effective at preventing symptoms in children 5-11.