Lexington doctor optimistic about vaccination rates with new incentives


Three vaccinated Kentuckians will soon become millionaires.

During a Friday afternoon news conference, to encourage people to get vaccinated, Governor Beshear announced the ‘Shot at a Million’ giveaway.

“I think it’s great because if you look at the opportunities to get freebies, everybody loves a freebie. Whether it’s important or not. Even looking at places like the blood center where you get a T-shirt or if you do a double bag you get a $10 gift card for Walmart,” Dr. Ryan Stanton said.

Data shows vaccinations are slowing down statewide.

Dr. Stanton said those who aren’t vaccinated either haven’t gotten around to it, still have questions, or have already decided they’ll never roll up their sleeves. He’s optimistic with the new incentives.

“I think it’s going to be beneficial for getting some who are on the fence to go ahead and get it done. Because there’s a lot of people that I’ve talk to that said ‘I just want to wait just a little bit and see.’ And that’s fine, but we’re getting to the point where we just need to get that done.”

But the big question: will the incentives be enough to reach the vaccination goal?

Dr. Stanton thinks it’s possible. “I think honestly we could get close to getting herd immunity if the folks that are kind of riding the fence and buying their time just decided to commit to it. I think we’re still gonna have that probably 20 to 30% of people that are going to be a hard pass.”

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