Lexington NAACP hosts vaccine forum for African American community


As COVID-19 cases surge in Fayette County, data suggests the virus could be disproportionately affecting African Americans.

Now as the vaccine continues to roll out,  people with the Lexington branch of the NAACP say the black community is skeptical. The non-profit held an online forum Saturday morning hoping to bring information about the vaccine to light.

“We can’t be on the sidelines when it comes to this vaccine,” says panelist Dr. Shambra Mulder.

Mulder says being uncertain about the vaccine is not without merit, but she says to try to think worries through.

“A lack of confidence or complacency of the vaccination that’s leading people to either say I’m not getting it or in delaying getting it,” says panelist Dr. Ramon Thomas.

Dr. Thomas says many are hesitant to take the vaccine due to how quickly it was rolled out. He shares when deciding, take your lifestyle into account. When it comes to those with co-morbidities, he says getting the vaccine is a, “no brainer.”

“If I got a call today and someone told me that I would get the vaccination, I would probably run to wherever the vaccine would be offered,” says panelist Dr. Ryan Marable.

Dr. Marable says everyone should do their own research. He says the black community’s not alone in skepticism.

Plus, he shares black patients are more likely to suffer the consequences of the disease.

If you choose to not get vaccinated, all panelists agree it’s safest to stay home and continue following the guidelines we’ve all become accustomed to.

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