Lexington prepares for COVID vaccine rollout for ages 5-11


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – The White House said children ages 5-11 years old will soon be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Tuesday, the Biden administration detailed its plan for the rollout. Pending the expected authorization of the Pfizer shot, children will be able to get vaccinated in early November.

“I’m feeling real confident about it,” Lexington pediatrician Dr. Jai Gilliam said.

About 28 million children will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine if the Pfizer vaccine is authorized soon.

“In Kentucky, it’s about 389,000 children,” Dr. Steven Stack said.

According to the White House, vaccines will be sent to doctor’s offices, pharmacies and more sites.

“Everything is not in stone with how it’s going to look,” Dr. Gilliam said.

While families wait for vaccine approval, Dr. Gilliam said it’s important to talk to your children.

“Why do we get vaccines? We don’t give vaccines to poison you, to harm you, it’s to protect you, it’s to teach your body how to fight these invisible microbes that you can’t see. There’s things that can harm you,” Dr. Gilliam said.

Parents should pay attention to the packaging of the vials. The dosage is different.

“The adult product for Pfizer is packaged in a bottle with a purple cap. The pediatric one will be a bottle with an orange cap,” Dr. Stack said.

Dr. Stack said he’s confident there will be widespread availability once the shot is approved.

“You may have to be patient for the first couple of weeks, though as it’s a matter of distribution and trying to get it where the demand is the most and also doing that in a fair and equitable manner,” Dr. Stack said.

Dr. Gilliam said he encourages families to trust science.

“The rollout may seem slow to you all, to the public, but there’s no rush to this. To make sure that we get it right when these vaccines go out,” Dr. Gilliam said.

He said with the vaccine, kids will be healthier this winter.

Dr. Gilliam said he hasn’t been contacted by the state yet. He said he’s waiting for word on vaccine distribution.

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