Lexington vaccine clinic targets Hispanic community


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As vaccination efforts continue, some clinics are taking a targeted approach to make sure all Kentuckians have access. Wild Health brought shots to Centro de San Juan Diego in Lexington, focusing on the Hispanic community.

Vaccination rates among the Hispanic community are increasing, according to Wild Health site lead Ashton Collins.

“I’ve seen more patients here at this site than I have seen at a lot of our other sites that are predominantly Caucasian populations,” Collins says.

Collins explains translators were on site, ensuring patients understood procedures and benefits of the shot. She says they hope to make the process easy to encourage everyone to get their doses. Collins says this becomes even more vital as the delta variant continues to spread.

“The more people we have vaccinated, the less likely there is to be any kind of spread of the virus and I mean it is mutating,” Collins says. “We’ve already gone from variant Alpha to variant Delta, and I’ve heard rumors about a variant Gamma as well, so we really need to get this shut down quickly.”

People at the clinic didn’t only get vaccinated. They also got tested for COVID-19. So did healthcare workers, who say tests will keep everyone safe, even as cases increase.

The second vaccine dose will be in three weeks on August 29th.

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