State, local leaders discuss enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions


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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY) – Governor Andy Beshear wants more enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations.

According to the Courier-Journal, it comes as the City of Louisville said it will expand the list of businesses their health department inspects for COVID-19 violations. The city also said it would be doing surprise inspections and releasing a weekly list of businesses that violated the statewide mask ordinance.

WDKY asked Lexington officials if they had a similar plan in place. They said they did not.

Currently, if someone sees a violation in Lexington, they can report it to the Fayette County Health Department. The department will do an inspection and issue that business a notice to correct any problems they may find.

During Tuesday’s COVID-19 briefing, Gov. Beshear said increasing enforcement of restrictions could help businesses that are trying to keep people safe.

“Stepping up enforcement can also help businesses out there by them not being able to look across the street and see somebody else cheating on the rules while they may suffer from trying to enforce them,” The Governor said. “I believe that it is the right move, at the right time, and we’ve had other localities reach out to us, talking through different plans.”

Fayette County has received more than 670 complaints of COVID-19 related violations. They’ve issued 85 notices to correct, and have either fined or cited six businesses.

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