Wild Health offers COVID-19 testing during vaccination clinic


As COVID-19 vaccination efforts ramp up, experts warn that testing shouldn’t slow down.

Dr. Luke Murray with Wild Health believes everyone should get tested the same day they get the vaccine. That’s why Wild Health is offering both at pop-up clinics.

“So if they feel poorly the next day, then they know that ‘hey I got tested. I know it’s not from COVID. It’s from the vaccine so I am safe, I don’t have to quarantine. I can go visit my grandmother,” he explained.

Wild Health is hosting clinics at 11 college campuses this week, including Georgetown College.

Dr. Murray said the goal is to vaccinate students and staff before they leave for summer break. “We’re hoping that this particular population gets their vaccinations done before it gets much, much more difficult to track them all down.”

He said the natural layout of colleges with dorms and close living can spread the virus quicker, and he wants to eliminate that threat.

At Georgetown they’ve made campus-wide changes, like restricting visitors in dorms.

Christina Burgess rolled up her sleeve, hoping her efforts will lead to a normal college experience next semester. “They’re hoping that enough people get vaccinated and stuff normal that we can go back to normal semesters,” she said.

Dr. Murray warned we’re not in the clear just yet because it takes time for the vaccine to be completely effective. “Be vigilant for a month and a half before you take that mask off and stop social distancing.”

Wild Health also offers testing in the waiting area at the UK Kroger Field vaccination clinic.

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