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(This article originally appeared on 46solutions.com on April 19, 2021)

46Solutions SPONSORED CONTENT — One minute is all it takes for your entire business network to be compromised.  What you are about to see is rarely captured on video – an actual real-life hack that could devastate any business.  We worked with an ethical hacker to film both sides of an email ransomware attack:  what he was doing and what was happening on the victim’s computer.

Watch the video below to see, firsthand, the deployment of an actual ransomware attack that bankrupts businesses and organizations every day.

The result?

Every single file on your machine is encrypted.  Your files are locked to you and all other users from your network.

Most of us would say we are pretty savvy when it comes to email security.   If a suspicious email hasn’t already been flagged and sent to the spam folder, we can usually tell when someone is trying to exploit us over email.  But what about an email from the IRS?

The video shows this IRS email looks normal.  The sender’s address looks legitimate.  But, wait.   Although it is very similar, it is not their real email address.  This email is fake and was sent from our ethical hacker, asking you to do something quite normal:  download a PDF guide.  We click the link, the PDF opens.  The URL hosting the PDF seems legitimate, and there is even a padlock indicating the site is secure.

From the hacker’s point of view we see he has used some special hacking software to send this email and then monitors the ransomware attack. The moment you click the link in the email and open the PDF, the hacker is given full access to your computer, inviting them to launch a business-crippling attack.

With a single click back on your machine, you happily close the PDF, minimize your browser to show your desktop, and there it is:  the dreaded “attack” screen.  You try to open any file on your computer, and nothing is there.  Every single file on your machine has been encrypted, locking you out.  And further, not just on your device.  It is even affecting others on your network, plus connected cloud accounts like Dropbox and any other people you share your files with.

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