Burglar spends nearly 30 minutes inside Harrodsburg Road Moe’s restaurant

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A burglar, Lexington Police say, looked a little too comfortable inside the business he looted last month. And, thanks to his improperly placed mask, he made it easier to identify him.

Surveillance video from outside the restaurant show the man pacing back and forth in the snow for several minutes before he goes inside.

Police say there was no forced entry to the Moe’s restaurant on Harrodsburg Road. He didn’t trip any alarms either.

“He had the time and knew he had the time,” said Det. Anthony Delimpo. “That leads us to believe he at least knew an employee, was friends of an employee.”

Time stamps on security cameras show that he entered around 12:06 the morning of February 16. He stayed inside the business until 12:32am. Police say he seemed comfortable.

“He kind of just leans up, leans back, just kind of taking a rest. He looks around like ‘this is pretty cool’, kind of just enjoying the moment,” Delimpo said.

Surveillance video reviewed by police show the man going through drawers in the office, a tip jar and ultimately the cash register where he was able to get his hands on quite a bit of cash.

“If you’ve got family member or someone you know who was out late at night and has extra amount of cash on him,” Delimpo said, “it’s worth giving us a tip.”

You can do so by calling the automated tip line at 859-253-2020. Or log onto p3tips.com.

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