Burglar steals purse from couple’s Winterberry Drive home while they slept

Crime Stoppers

It took a burglar no time at all to walk into a home on Winterberry Drive in Lexington March 1 and steal from the couple sleeping inside. But the crime didn’t end with a stolen purse.

Police say the suspect spent the next several hours helping himself to hundreds of dollars in merchandise at various stores, all purchased on the victim’s credit card.

Lexington Police say the next morning, the couple who lives in the home vaguely remembered hearing a noise downstairs, but it wasn’t until they noticed the missing purse that they put it all together.

“As soon as they pulled their cameras up from the night before around that time, they found someone outside their home and saw that person come into their home,” said Detective Anthony Delimpo.

Detectives were able to pull surveillance video from a Lexington Walmart where the suspect was seen at a self-checkout and again as he left the store.

Police hope someone recognizes the way he walks or what he’s wearing and calls in a tip.

You can leave your information on the automated tip line by calling 253-2020 or the Crime Stoppers website.

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