Burglars creep around Lexington family’s home while they sleep

Crime Stoppers

Lexington Police need your help identifying two people who scaled a fence and broke into a family’s Santa Anita Drive home, while they slept.

Jessica Duval says it happened the night of Black Friday around 3:45am. She says no one in the house heard a thing, not even the faint chime of the garage door the two masked intruders came in through.

“I came home from getting them breakfast,” Duval says “and I noticed Seth’s vehicle wasn’t in the driveway. I called and said ‘did you guys leave and go somewhere?’ and he said ‘no, we’re in the house.’ And I said ‘where is your car?’ and immediately he got on the monitor because he was freaked out. I was freaked out.”

The couple’s security cameras captured two intruders rummaging through the kitchen and living room. But one, that Jessica says is a male, sees the couple’s 2-year old sleeping in a bed on the floor and quietly turns to leave.

The two left the house with keys to the couple’s silver Volvo SUV and Jessica’s purse.

“The car was found about 24 hours later on the complete other side of town,” says Lexington Police Detective Anthony Delimpo. “It was unoccupied and there were several items left in the vehicle that did not belong there. Coke cans, bags of chips, receipts. We were able to lift some prints off of those and we hope that will lead to the identity of these individuals.”

Duval says the thieves rode the couple’s SUV so hard it blew a rod in the engine. The baby’s car seat was gone and so was Jessica’s purse.

If you know anything about the crime, or recognize either of the people in the vehicle, call Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020.

Duval describes the intruders as a male and female, 19-21 years old. She says it looks like the female has long, reddish blonde hair.

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