Crime Stoppers: Mystery in the dugout

Crime Stoppers

A death investigation in Georgetown has weighed on detectives since they got the case February 7, 2020. Early signs pointed to a drug overdose, but the scene was telling a different story.

In the months since, Brittany Powell’s family has begged for someone to fill in the blanks and solve the mystery in the dugout so they can finally tell her four children what really happened.

The 27-year old was found in a dugout at a Scott County park more than a year ago.

“Brittany feared the darkness and there’s no way that Brittany ended up in the ballpark here and froze to death by herself,” says her grandmother Brigitte Powell. “Somebody put her there. That I’m convinced of. We just want to know who was with her.”

Detective Chris Faas with Georgetown Police is always reviewing the case. “Those are the ones we would love to solve,” Faas said. “And they come to the top of the list of priorities.”

Det. Faas has spent months working backwards, wishing the walls at the ballpark could talk.

“There wasn’t any drug paraphernalia, signs of trauma or anything like that and there was no one around,” Faas said. “We later received the toxicology from the coroner’s office and it showed a high level of a methamphetamine in her system, so we began investigating as a manslaughter case.”

The official cause of Brittany’s death is about the only thing her family is sure of. It’s what led up it that keeps them up at night.

“Why didn’t anyone call 911?,” asked Brigitte Powell. “If you know something, you’re just as guilty for not coming forward,” Brittany’s aunt Revia Stokley added.

“I hope the detective doesn’t just throw it on the back shelf. This one is going to be solved. One way or another.”

Brittany’s family says they’ve heard that some of her friends may have been threatened about coming forward with information. If that’s a worry, Crime Stoppers is one way you can send your tip completely anonymously. Just call the tip line at 859-253-2020 or log onto the website.

Your information is never traced and could lead to up to $1,000 in cash.

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