LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Georgetown business owner is still recovering from two bruised ribs, but he fared a lot better than the man who tried to rob him last month.

Just 40 minutes before the liquor store was set to close, a man with a hammer came in demanding cash. Not only did Yazan Ammari disarm the would-be robber, he ripped off his mask too.

FOX 56 obtained the 911 call Ammari made while trying to detain the masked man. It begins, “Yeah, I’ve got a robber here. On the floor, on the floor!!”

Just eight seconds after entering the store, Ammari has had enough. He says the robber asked him “to go to my register and grab my money and hand it to him.”

Ammari responded, “are you sure you want me stand up right now and go to my register and hand you my hard work?”

As he’s fighting with the robber, Ammari is relaying to 911 dispatchers what’s happening. Then his phone falls and shatters on the floor.

DISPATCH: “Hello? This is dispatch, they’re on the way. Did he have a weapon?”

AMMARI: “Yeah, a hammer. I took it from him.”

The owners of the store say they’ve been robbed twice. Years ago, when the little shop at S. Broadway and Pocahontas Trail was a convenience store. And then June 29. That one went very different from the first.

DISPATCH: “Did he hurt you?”

AMMARI: “Yeah, he hit me with the hammer a couple of times, but I’m alright.”

Nothing was taken in the robbery. After the brawl inside the business, the bloodied and bruised intruder is lucky to have walked away with his life.

Ammari says he used to keep a gun at the store, but had just taken it home two days before the crime because he didn’t think it was necessary to have it there. After the robbery, he brought it back along with a shotgun. And has this message for anyone who wants to try something similar.

“We are waiting for you and we will be more than happy to take care of our business.”