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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Versailles Police have turned to Crime Stoppers for help with a rare homicide investigation.

They’ve done all they can to churn up leads in Robin Hedger’s death. Now, with reward money on the table, they’re hoping someone wants to get the crime off their conscience.

Six months have passed since the 35-year old was found in a remote area in the southern part of Woodford County. And, the lack of information isn’t sitting well with Versailles Police Detective Steve Sparkman.

“No one deserves to die the way Robin Hedger did,” he told Crime Stoppers reporter Kristen Pflum.

Homicides rarely happen in Versailles. In 2020, there were two. One of them was Robin’s. They’re the kind of cases that keep detectives up at night.

“The families deserve that, they suffer beyond anything we can imagine. And that’s our goal to get some kind of closure for those folks,” Det. Sparkman said.

That’s exactly what Robin’s little brother Robert is hoping for. “I’ll forgive whoever done it because that’s what God would want and my sister would want,” Hedger said.

Her family says Robin seemed to be finding her footing after a few stumbles in life. The 35-year old grew up in Irvine, but for the past decade spent most of her time in Lexington. That was until her body turned up in rural Woodford County last fall.

“I brought her back to Lexington to see her boyfriend and that’s where I dropped her off at,” Hedger said. “The weird thing about it is, her boyfriend ended up jumping town and leaving.”

Hedger hasn’t heard much since the day state troopers came to the family’s Estill County home with the terrible news. They’d just lost their father and their mom was undergoing cancer treatments. Time, has not made things easier.

“You know, there’s times like at Christmas we went to Wal-Mart with her and she was shopping for my sister and didn’t realize it. That hurt her pretty bad when she realized what she was doing.”

“I believe there’s people here who she’s friends with, and may have some information that can help us out,” Lexington Police detective and Crime Stoppers coordinator Anthony Delimpo said. And, he hopes to be that go between, for the person with the tip who cracks this case and the detective in Versailles desperately waiting on it.

“Someone, some people out there somewhere, have information on this case,” Det. Sparkman said. “We really hope those people will use good judgement and step forward and help us to find who did this to Robin.”

Making another plea, is the least Robert Hedger can do. “Come forward. There’s a reward for it and it may be something you need to restart your life. And to give you hope and to move forward.”