Lexington Police investigating three smash and grab burglaries

Crime Stoppers

Lexington Police believe the same man is behind a string of recent smash and grab burglaries.

The first happened December 10th at Ernie’s Spirits at Harrodsburg Road and Lane Allen. The liquor store’s owner, Kevin Durham, says the thief used a Golden Bear driver golf club to bust through his glass door.

“He grabbed one bottle of Maker’s Mark Mint Julep,” Durham said. “Not sure he knew what he was getting. And then he ran right out. He was probably in here 10 seconds, maybe.”

Durham believes the same burglar came back Christmas night. This time he used a iron from the same set of golf clubs, to break the glass and he again grabbed Maker’s Mark bourbon. Each time, Durham has had to pay about $500 to repair the broken glass.

He’s hoping the man is caught before he strikes a third time. “It’s pretty dreadful knowing that is a bad start to the day,” Durham says about walking in and finding his business burglarized. “I don’t know what I’m going to find when I come in. And it’s costly to. It’s a pretty good expense every time I have to replace that when he breaks in. Not to mention the product also.”

Based on the unique KY black hoodie the burglar was wearing, Lexington Police he’s the same man who smashed his way into the Marathon gas station on Garden Springs on December 17th,

“The biggest issue there,” Detective Anthony Delimpo says, “was several thousand dollars worth of damage to the business. The front glass, the glass to counter. That was the main stuff (the owners) were upset about.”

In that break in, police say the thief stole several vape accessories.

“It’s a nuisance and it’s very frustrating. You’ve got two small business owners, at a time when small business is struggling through this COVID time. You have someone come in and steal Vape equipment at one place and bourbon at another. That’s a loss to them and also it’s the damage that they’re doing to these buildings. “I don’t think the community is going to put up with it. It frustrates everybody. That someone would steal from somebody else everyone’s trying to work hard,” said Det. Delimpo.

In both break-ins at Ernie’s Spirits, the man in the black hoodie took off down Lane Allen behind the store.

If you know who he is, call Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020.

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