LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — When it comes to Lexington homicides, maybe none of them had the number of witnesses that Eric Boone’s murder did.

The 42-year-old was sitting at a stop light in mid-May when he was shot and killed. Dozens of people saw what happened. Some came forward to talk to the police, but others left the scene. Now, Crime Stoppers wants to know if those witnesses can add any additional information.

The murder of Eric Boone on May 17 shocked the consciousness of many in Lexington, not just because Boone was a known figure in the city, but because of where and when it happened.

“It was rush hour time, around 6 o’clock a couple of weeks ago,” said Det. Anthony Delimpo. “Traffic was packed. A lot of people were out.”

Police said a car pulled up next to Boone’s white Dodge Charger and began firing.

“A Chevy Equinox pulls up beside him,” Delimpo said. “The guy in the passenger seat leans out of the vehicle, up over the top of the vehicle, turns, and unloads into the vehicle beside him. It’s like something you’d see out of a movie.”


Nearly two dozen homicides have been recorded in Lexington already this year. Police said it will take community involvement to solve them.

“As a community, we care. The police department cares,” said Delimpo. “And, Crime Stoppers is there offering $2,500 for the tip that leads to an arrest.”

If you have any information on Boone’s murder, you can leave your anonymous information on the Crime Stoppers tip line by calling 859-253-2020 or by going online to p3tips.com.