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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Lexington grandmother says from prayer to parenting, she did all she could to try and keep the city’s gun violence away from her family.

In early April, Angela Iware says someone lured her 20-year old grandson out of her Winburn-area home, shot, and killed him.

And, Herbie Booker’s murder is still unsolved. It’s Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week.

Court documents paint a picture of a troubled teen, but Iware did all she could to help Herbie walk a righteous path. “We’d sit, and every morning, I’d talk about Jesus to him,” Iware said. “And I told him, if you did anything wrong, you ask Jesus to forgive your sins.”

All these months later, she’s still not sure what happened that April evening. She says Herbie was at her house, took a phone call, and ran out.

“It was seven minutes, and someone had killed him,” Iware said. “They shot him in his heart.”

A friend attempted to rush Booker and another gunshot victim from the scene on Colchester Drive to the hospital but crashed just blocks from UK.

Herbie had a lot of friends, according to Angela. If only, those friends could give her the one thing she needs now. “I hope that someone will pick up the phone and give Crime Stoppers a call and be honest and tell what happened to my grandson.”


Detectives know those friends can close this case. Question is, how long do they want to bear that burden.

“Somebody is carrying that weight whether it’s the person that did it or people who know pieces about this,” said Det. Anthony Delimpo.

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